Kernel Meetup – November

So we have a monthly meetup group here in Pune called Kernel Meetup group. Well, the name ‘Kernel Meetup’ is a kind of a misnomer: we talk about things from Kernel, Systems Programming, Systems Design to pedagogy and the current state of education system. The fun thing about these meetups are that most of the technical discussions turn into things that illuminate on stuff that is quite interesting. November’s meetup was no different.

We started with a discussion on a little assignment problem (which I had assumed the ownership of – about 2 months ago). The problem statement is to determine sources of caching in systems running Linux. As it turns out, this is huge area to work upon and this is will be a work in progress project for a long time. The discussion then turned to data structures in the kernel, assignment rules in C and natural alignment of datatypes in memory. Siddesh talked briefly about memset and Amit referenced an excellent article by ESR called The Lost Art of C Structure Packing.

We then changed perspectives to look at scheduling policies and platform policies for dynamic scheduling with respect to power management. This further led to discussion on CPU affinity, CPU sets and cgroups. Siddhesh then explained the concept of thrashing and the discussion changed tracks to look at some of the kernel concepts such as POSIX cancellation points and syscall implementations in glibc.

All in all, an excellent meetup hosted generously by the folks at reserved-bit 🙂

You can sign up for the mailing list here.

See you at the next one!

PS: Pankaj Gupta has covered some of the discussions that I missed here.

You can have flings With Python projects, but you’ll need commitment With C projects

-Siddhesh Poyarekar (2017)


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